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COEXIST Music Monday is a recurring event every Monday. COEXIST Music Monday was created by the Grammy Nominated Co-Founder of the company who has both a passion for music, gaming, tech and the arts. With a desire to give artists and music lovers who game, a space to share their voices and gifts, there is no better host for a night for creatives, than creatives themselves. So, this is a public service announcement to all singers, songwriters, rappers, poets and creatives in general! The COEXIST Game House gives you space and opportunity, and of course, a lot of gaming that is the bonding agent that continues to bring us all together.

Go attend COEXIST Music Monday:


A community event brought to you by Ja’s Dirty Chai where drinks, merchandise, and community photos will be presented to you all to raise brand awareness as well as suicide prevention! Tell your local neighborhoods, friends and family to come through and “let’s get lit” like the video below:

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