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Many artists sign record deals they don’t fully understand. We’re here to help! Check out the Record Deal Simulator to save time and energy:

If you’re planning to have your music on all streaming platforms like Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify & more, you should start with the distributing company that allows you to keep your royalties; Distrokid:

Then to create a solid portfolio with your music and other content, sign up to Linktree:

Then when you are ready to perform live, sign up to Performing Rights Organizations like ASCAP( and BMI( to collect performance royalties (paid to songwriters and publishers).

Songtrust is not a distributor. Songtrust is a publishing administrator. They are a 1-stop-shop for collecting on all of your publishing rights. So, using a distributor to collect from your “recording” ownership and using Songtrust to collect from your “composition” ownership will cover all of your royalty collection needs.

 SoundExchange was independently formed in 2003 to build a fairer, simpler, and more efficient music industry through technology, data, and advocacy. The only organization designated by the U.S. government to administer the Section 114 sound recording license, SoundExchange collects and distributes digital performance royalties on behalf of 570,000 music creators and growing. SoundExchange’s combination of technologies, data-rich solutions, and expertise are relied upon by the global music industry to make it easier for creators to get paid. Operating at one of the lowest admin rates in the industry, SoundExchange offers products and services that enable the business of music. Our technology solutions make it easier for creators to identify and track music, oversee rights, payments, and relationships, and for digital service providers to fulfill their obligations.

We also recommend you stay on top of the STREAMING ROYALTIES CALCULATOR( to understand how much streams will get you how much money from the 3 most important streaming platforms. We don’t encourage gatekeeping, ego and entitlement when making music since we are all here for the mutual success of our creatives including YOU since YOU are seeing this and we are all on the same paths!


Support your locals like Music Group/Record Label


Homies with the aspiration to do their part in the music culture and give back to humanity.

Check them out on the link below!

Support your locals like YahJah

Latest album out now below

Latest album on all platforms/apps ABOVE/BELOW

YahJah born and raised in New Orleans has loved singing and performing since she was a little girl. She is inspired by Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Adele, Beyoncé, and Alicia Keys just to name a few. YahJah has chosen to follow her passions and pursue music full time. Recording her first single in 2014 was the beginning of her musical journey. YahJah has gone on to record more original tracks and create an EP This Is Me. Music is more than a hobby, YahJah believes singing is her destiny. She wants to encourage others to follow their hearts and chase after their dreams throughout her journey just as many of the greats have inspired her.

YahJah on all platforms

Check out YahJah‘s content and portfolio:

Enter YahJah‘s world

Support your locals like Lord of Emotion

Latest song on SPOTIFY & SOUNDCLOUD below

Lord of Emotion on all platforms

Lord of Emotion” born as Emanuel Sabino. Born & raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn where it was rough for him transitioning from the reality of racism as he grew up in a traditional Dominican household, and eventually realizing he is Black/African descent. He has always understood the everyday whitewashing cultures, poverty and struggle through the dark realities of humanity which allows him to create his emotional, and satirical music.”

Enter Lord of Emotion‘s world

Stay to tuned to him with the featured link:

Support your locals like DaŹAY

Latest single below on SPOTIFY

Enter DaZay’s world

DaZaY is a 23 year old rapper singer dj and actor from Harlem. Cofounder of the music collective/label The Vagabondz, he’s been making waves in the underground scene for a couple of years creating timeless music. His music is best described as alternative hip hop/rnb with rock and jazz influences.

Support your locals like Tamil

Enter Tamil‘s world

Tamil is a destined uprising artist making waves in the music industry. Ambition and determination pushed Tamil forward, but raw talent has kept this artist strong and alive. Tamil prides himself on a beautiful, versatile sound and broad fanbase. As his singles spread throughout New York, he aspires for his music to be heard and felt by millions of people. For inquiries and more information, please feel free to contact FLP !


Upcoming New York Artist Providing Late Night Thought Provoking Music and Emotion Filled Vibes.

Check out his catalog:

Support your locals like Ms.Elle

Latest album out now below

Ms.Elle is a rising hip-hop artist, songwriter, and musician based in Portland, OR.  Known for her melodic rhymes and jazz roots, Ms.Elle has become a known force within the Portland music scene by making appearances at live shows, album features, and posting weekly Instagram freestyles.  Grabbing the attention of notable hip-hop blogs and sites, Ms.Elle has been featured on Damian Lillard’s 4BarFriday page, Underground Hip-Hop Blog, and Vortex Music Magazine, and more. 

Enter Ms.Elle‘s world

Join her adventure: 







Support your locals like He Tried

He Tried is a post-rock influenced solo project by Dan Perretta and based out of Norfolk, Virginia. All of the music is written and recorded on a single guitar, a few effects pedals, and an amplifier (even the drum sounds).

Latest album below on Soundcloud

Check out his portfolio: and use this code: h3vr-32ld

Support your locals like D.A Odin

Enter D.A. Odin ‘s world

Latest song out now below

D.A Odin is a Romanian DJ and Music Producer whose passion for music started from a young age.He was introduced to the world of Electronic and House music at the age of 14 when he discovered FL Studio and got hooked immediately by this program and the House Music Genre .

His music style is defined by energetic and bass heavy drops accompanied by catchy vocals and groovy melodies which keeps the listener amazed .D.A Odin is also know for using every beat of his tracks in order to create that unique sound . His music can be defined as a mix between Electro House , Bass House and Groove House .

His breakthrough single was “Sound of The Jungle ” which is a Groove-House track and gained over 100k streams and saw tremendous support by other DJ’s and Music Producers in a short period of time .

Check out his portfolio:

Support your locals like HeartBreakRatio

Check out his latest single on SOUNDCLOUD ABOVE

HeartBreakRatio experiments with musical ideas and creativity to design sounds in a way that colors the soul and the environment it is in. They find their inspiration in all sources of life but draw their genius from genres like rock, pop, and classical music, which is not limited to music that designed for video games, anime, and movies.

Check out their portfolio:

Support your locals like Tre X

Undefined to any specific genre, Tre X is “Nothing Like The Rest.” Not a rapper, not a singer, but an ARTIST who can switch flows on any given beat. Brooklyn born, music comes natural to him and has been a dream he’s chased since the age of 10. Not once given up, Tre X has a versatility skill to bring to the game and every song is filled with truth. Ain’t no cap in his rap. Under his own label NLTR, Tre X is ready to make a killing and change the game for the better !!

Latest single below

Check his portfolio & stay tuned for more:

Support your locals like Zel Monstrous

Enter Zel Monstrous‘s world

25 year old Crown Heights, Brooklyn native is a true student of hip hop culture. Music has changed my life so I want to do the same for others. Every song release is tailored with its own unique bounce which is a true testament to Zel’s versatility and range. Zel was honorably discharged from the army at the top of 2021 and is now currently a student at The New York Film Academy. He also models from time to time & was even featured in an exhibition put together by Denise Stephanie who’s done work for vogue, converse etc.


Check his portfolio & stay tuned for more:

Support your locals like TheyCallMeGant

This is Theycallmegant, he is an american hip-hop/R&B artist and is trying to show the world his talents and skill, he is 18 years old and has a great career in front of him. His music comes from the heart and he is always working on new ideas for songs and creative material

Latest album below on Spotify

Check his portfolio & stay tuned for more:

Support your locals like Isaiah Panther

Bringing electro soundscapes to sultry R&b vocals Isaiah Panther creates an ambient vibe and cool textures. A southern native with a Brooklyn perspective. Isaiah brings a fresh take to the pop genre. 

Enter Isaiah Panther‘s world

Latest single below on Spotify & Soundcloud


Support your locals like 777Blest

BORN ON DECEMBER 10th 1997 songwriter and artist from Oceanside, California with the sole mission of raising awareness for mental health,suicide prevention, and drug prevention.  My brother committed suicide on May 4th, 2017 which led me into being heavily addicted to Xanax. When my mom found me having a seizure on the floor in my room, I knew it was time to change everything. I went into rehab and a sober living home to get clean & I have dedicated my life to getting my story out there and promoting mental health. With the recent killing of my cousin @drakeotheruler I KNOW GOD HAS GIVEN ME A PURPOSE AND I WILL NOT LET HIS DEATH BE IN VAIN!! My misson is very simple, to save the new generation.

Enter 777Blest‘s world







Latest single above on SOUNDCLOUD & SPOTIFY

Stay tuned to more from 777Blest by staying on top of 777Blest‘s catalog:

Support your locals like Remixedcat

Experimental mixed electronica artist with emphasis on trance, synthwave, and old school eurodance with a game soundtracks of the 90s/early 00s vibe.

She loves cats and is inspired by them in every way. She has had a hard life and wants to make hers better by getting her music out there and help them as well.

She also has 2 catgods named ANUBIS and BASTET and a husband that’s been with her for 19 years.

She lives in West Virginia, USA

Latest album on Spotify below

Main portfolio:



Support your locals like Gbadex Chorus

Gbadex Chorus is a Dynamic Afrobeats singer /songwriter and his making wave new school sounds.

Latest single on Spotify below

Check out his portfolio:

Support your locals like Eyez97

Enter Eyez97‘s world

Eyez97 was born in the Monterey Bay, raised in Salinas,CA. He started his artistic journey at 16 using Rap/Hip Hop as an outlet to express his thoughts, questions and rebellious emotions. He credits his cousin Jaymon whom he also collaborated with in his early days for inspiring him to pick up a mic along with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Joey Badass, Ye. He heavily reps his Brand “OwnlyOnes” which he in short calls a brand for those who are misunderstood yet stay true to themselves.

Latest single out on all platforms/applications below
Check out his portfolio below

Stay tuned for more on his portfolio:

Support your locals like JOVE

Enter JOVE‘s world

Hey it’s Jove, im a producer from NYC. I make creative music and share it with people all around the world. My goal is simple, I want to reach new levels and challenge my unawakened potential. In order to achieve my goals, I share love and support with musicians, artist and friends worldwide. I’m excited to be on this journey with you and everyone that supports my vision. Together we will be the change in the world that involves spreading love, creating movements & awareness.

Stay tuned to him on his social media below

His main content:



Support your locals like Joël Francis

Enter Joël Francis‘s world

Joël Francis, new artist on the block, here to shake things up.

Joël Francis aka Joëlle Serena Francis is a 22-year-old artist living in Belgium with her roots in Suriname.

To be part of something bigger, greater, is something she was longing for for as long she can remember. 

The feeling of coming home but at the same time belonging somewhere that even transcends yourself. Is what good music represents for her.

She started writing little plays and lyrics at the age of 9. And has never stopped since. She currently studies Drama and she’s just begun her musical journey alongside her studies.

Music had always been a part of her life first through Gospel and later through soul, jazz RnB and pop. Artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Snoh Aalegra, Sza, Victoria Monet and H.E.R( just to name a few), are a very big source of inspiration for her.

She admires these artists so much because their music is able to speak with her straight from the heart. That’s what she wants for her music too. To be right from her heart directly to the person listening to her music. So that, even if it’s just one person, they can also feel like they’re part of something.

Joël makes whatever kind of music she feels like she wants to make. It all comes from an emotion, feeling or intuition.

Right now she’s experiencing with genres like R&B, pop and Afro-pop. But she’s open to so many more styles in the future. 

From her first single ever, named IMUP (produced by Shunin) to her third single InterPhased (feat & prod by Tevin MK), she feels like it could only go up from here.

The inspiration grows everyday.

This is definitely not the last you’ll hear of Joël Francis, for her journey has just begun.

Stay tuned and check her out portfolio:

Support your locals like Steve Shaz

Enter Steve Shaz‘s world

Ever since a kid, Steve has always been attracted to music. His musical journey started when he was in grade 3rd and heard Never say Never from The Karate Kid. Though it wasn’t till 4 years later that he started playing an instrument. After playing multiple shows in his school as the school band’s bassist and guitarist and honing his vocals as member of the choir, Steve thought of making his own songs. During the pandemic Steve started working on his own material, devoting whole days and nights to music and exploring different sounds.

One January 2nd, 2021 he uploaded his first big track “Shaz” on Soundcloud. The self titled instrumental creates an ethereal atmosphere with the use of various pads. The track got more than 7000 streams on SoundCloud and also charted on the Top 40
pop/rock charts of Repostexchange. Shaz was also played worldwide on a big radio station network by the name of Solar Sound System. The radio station had an e-network in 150 countries and stations in 5 counties. Steve has been featured in the The Forever Now blog and the weekly showcase of Artist on the rise blog.

Latest single on all applications/platforms ABOVE & BELOW

Steve’s major influences are Tyler, the creator, Billie Eilish, FINNEAS and 21 Pilots. Steve always tries to do something different with each track. Steve wishes to mix concepts and elements of Pop, Hip hop and ethereal Instrumentals with singing, spoken word and rap vocals.

Stay tuned and check out his portfolio:

Support your locals like low.again

Enter low.again‘s world

Low.again is an experimental electronica / instrumental hip-hop project created by Logan Bayer. Logan started making instrumental music in 2017 in his college dorm and quickly developed a style of spacey, experimental beats. In 2019, the inception of the ‘low.again’ project was established with the release of ‘Breaking Through / The Other Side.’ Since the start of ‘low.again’, Logan has released two instrumental albums under the same moniker. Lately, he has been interweaving drum and bass with instrumental hip-hop with recent releases ‘Find You’ and ‘Dazed’. To accompany his newer tracks, he has also been experimenting with adding glitchy visuals to the tracks to create an all-encompassing experience for the listener.

Latest single on all applications/platforms ABOVE & BELOW

Stay tuned for more on his portfolio:

Support your locals like “JK

Enter JK‘s world

JK” is a non-binary singer/songwriter and performer born and raised in the vibrant streets of “El Barrio”, Spanish Harlem home of the Lehman housing projects. Growing up, like most queer folk, JK went on an inward journey towards self discovery. They found music was the highest form of their self expression. Pushing through their gender norms, JK continues to create music for the queer community that speaks to self love and acceptance. Their music is highly influenced by a multitude of genres including Pop/ Soul/ and House music.

Check their latest single below on Spotify & Youtube

TAP INTO “Watch on Youtube”

Stay tuned to their content. Here’s their portfolio:

Support your locals like Moneytime Blanco

Enter Moneytime Blanco‘s world

Up and coming Bronx rapper Moneytime Blanco

brings a flashy perspective to his rhymes about life trials and his past experiences. Honing inspiration from the likes of Lil Wayne, Money man, Playboi Carti, Jay Critch, and Lucki to name a few. With a background heavily influenced by the sound of music and a passion for storytelling, Moneytime chose to go all in and pursue a career in Entertainment. 

The wavey MC began releasing music in 2019, with his breakout single swim don’t float, and continuing with mixtapes like 2019’s Pay2Play and 2021’s Lost Boy

Tune into his Spotify below

Stay tuned to his content. Here’s his portfolio:

Support your locals like Young Hyper

Enter Young Hyper‘s world

Young Hyper is an Independent artist who was born in India in 10/19/2005 and now living in California and originally came from India to United States, but he wants to inspire the world in some type of way with his music and really loves all of his fans with everything that he got and to the people that support him.

Tune into his SPOTIFY & SOUNDCLOUD below
Latest single out on ABOVE & BELOW

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like Miscreants FM

Welcome to Miscreants FM‘s world

Miscreants FM is a music collective from Nigeria based in Nairobi, Kenya. They debuted as a singing and rap duo made of singer/songwriter & producer D’iyi, and rapper/sound engineer Sesugh. Their motto is no reason am (Don’t overthink it). Why? Because a miscreant means those not bound. They aim at bringing people together for a good time away from the stressful reality of growing up and adulting.

Tune into their SPOTIFY below

Stay tuned to them by checking their portfolio:

Support your locals like GLDMAZE

Enter GLDMAZE‘s world

GLDMAZE is a Dallas, TX artist who occupies the mystical corner of the underground, using abstract visuals and lyrics to paint a fantasy world within hip-hop. Combining art rap, neo-soul, fine art, spirituality, and fantasy/sci-fi aesthetics, GLDMAZE represents a new archetype in the game who will inspire the youth to reinvent themselves into their wildest dreams. He also creates vibrant digital art and poetry on his instagram.

Tune into his latest album on Spotify & Soundcloud below

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like Lowkey Lu

Enter Lowkey Lu‘s world

Lowkey Lu is a rapper from the south of Ireland. He has lifetimes of stories to tell, and an underlying message which he is committed to sharing with the world. The message at it’s core is that the people of Ireland deserve better. Greed has seeped its way into every layer of society here. The rich get rich, the poor get poorer, you know how the story goes. But how does it end? More importantly, when?

Lu subscribes to the idea that the role of art is to hold a mirror to society, and aims to do just that by sharing his perspective with what has been described as “brutal honesty.” With this he hopes to shine light on issues which have impacted him such as the housing crisis, underfunded hospitals, corrupt legal system, and lack of mental health support in Ireland. 

Tune into his latest single on Spotify below

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like 3CHO

Enter 3CHO‘s world

Los Angeles-based producer 3CHO (“Echo”), is a rapidly rising talent within the electronic music industry. Offering a diverse range of dramatic and melodious elements, 3CHO structures his unique sound within genres such as Future Bass and Melodic House. 

In 2021, 3CHO broke into the mainstream with his debut track ‘Hold Me’, which surpassed over 35,000+ streams in 4 months, gaining recognition from platforms such as Sola, The ‘Nations’, and CNTR Studios. In 2022, he released ‘Help Myself’, which is quickly becoming a critical and commercial success, gaining 15,000+ streams during its first month of release.

He is now in the process of finishing up ‘Ashes’, his first studio album. 3CHO brings his unique sound to life via his live shows, which have dominated popular venues such as Iridescent Festival, ATLAS Events, Propaganda Festival, and Extravaganza. He has also opened for popular names such as Taska Black, Tokimonsta, and Said The Sky.

Check his latest single on Soundcloud & Spotify below

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like Graysee

Enter Graysee‘s world

Graysee is an independent, self-published artist from Atlanta, GA. Although his music is influenced by Smino, Deante Hitchcock, and Lil Baby, his southern “accent” makes him distinguishable on any track. 

Released on July 29th, Casual is just one of the many projects he and Davon Crockett have collaborated on.

Check out his latest single SPOTIFY below

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like TEYO!

Enter TEYO!‘s world

TEYO! is an American Hip-Hop artist who delivers a braggadocious style that expresses ideas of pursuing a goal and disregarding the opinions of others while also delivering unique rhymes and flows. Influenced by the acts of MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, and Kanye West, as well as underground artists such as CLBRKS, Lord Apex, and MIKE. TEYO! infuses many different styles of rap into his sound that aims to pave the way for artists of the future and create waves inside of the underground rap scene.

Tune into his latest single on SPOTIFY & SOUNDCLOUD below

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like Aye-D

Aye-D, 24, is a rising artist from Newark, NJ based out of Brooklyn, NY. He is a self-taught producer and rapper with a salad of diverse influences. He has just teased the release of his upcoming EPs (see below for more details) and is looking to network with creatives in the NYC area for features, collaborations. One EP (Mush Rooms) is Hip Hop and the other (Akai Bowl) is Electronic, showing his range and promise. His goal for 2023 is to build a collective of like minded creatives to inspire one another, create content and merch together.

Please connect with him on Instagram with any ideas, collab ideas or even feedback.

Latest albums out now below on SPOTIFY

 Mush Rooms EP below

Akai Bowl EP below


Support your locals like Zillion Zo

Zillion Zo, a fresh new rap artist from a suburb called Schaumburg. He’s been training himself for 5 years on beat making. 7 years on rhyming and writing. His song WHO ARE YOU? Is his hottest song right now. Along side his other singles Fantasy girl and Storm. Starting his professional rap career on September 2022. Although that’s not where it started for him on his journey to become a full-time artist. Age 12 Zillion was rapping for therapeutic purposes then it evolved into something else. He wanted to be a rapper, but he didn’t know how. Asking his family for direction, but didn’t know the direction either. Zillion Zo‘s plan was talking with classmates and teachers for advice. Though no one knew as much either, which deterred him from chasing his dreams. Fast foward at age 18 and realizing music was still in his heart. He dropped out of harper to pursue and become a rapper. He worked at homedepot in this time frame and freestyle rap with some friends. He wanted to step in the booth, but felt he wasn’t ready. He wanted to give the world a masterpiece, not a refrigerator drawing of his skill. When it comes to his potential as an artist, entering present day. He is working on marketing, promoting, artist identity and seeing what works best for him. Zillion Zo has set the bar high, now let’s sit back and watch to see it get set higher!

Tune into his latest single on SPOTIFY below

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like Jai Beam

John Cannon aka Jai Beam is the most unknown force in music and has been ignored for decades until recent years when he embarked on a mission to shatter the norms and conventions of traditionalists releasing a series of self-produced albums starting in 2009 with his series Harmony In Chaos : Chaos In Harmony.  John is a mostly self-taught musician who took a few years of music theory and history in his early life.  He has been a BMI composer for over 20 years now and has had the great fortune of meeting legends in the music industry including Phil Spector, Joey Ramone, U2, Axl, David Lee Roth and others in his early life.  John has embarked on creating a new genre for music called “futuristic” as he is an eclectic combination of scientist, writer, philosopher, technologist and musician.  John Cannon aka Jai Beam is the most free-thinking individual you will ever get to meet.  We hope you listen to the over 25 hours of music here with an open mind and free will.  You will truly be transformed by John Cannon’s unique genius and innovative style. He is the .001% that keeps things in check.

Check out his latest single out on SPOTIFY BELOW

Stay tuned to him by checking his portfolio:

Support your locals like Ozaii

An Austria based artist aiming to change the game of music by combining lyrics & Afrobeats to create the perfect vibe for your ears.. 

Main goal is to move the culture forward, create opportunities for upcoming artist like me to live their dreams through their respective act.

Check out his latest single below on SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE

Tap WATCH ON YOUTUBE above to see video

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Mad Passion

I’ve been creating art all of my life. I find pleasure in expressing my thoughts and feelings through music.

My work is a reflection of my thoughts and I am always evolving.

Influenced by top producers/artists, Mad passion an artist from Kenya has given us a mind bending album by the name of port.4.lio a symbolic album with eclectic lyricism.

Latest Single on SPOTIFY below

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Tanner Agpoon

Allergic to pollen and good with babies.

Check out his Latest Single on SPOTIFY, SOUNDCLOUD & YOUTUBE below

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Sesugh

He is a Miscreant, looking in from the outside.

Sesugh, formerly known as Izzy, then Rae!, has one main goal, to find inner peace. Through music, he paints a vivid picture of his life, the ups, and downs, remaining thankful for all, hoping this encourages himself and others in the process.

Latest Single on SPOTIFY below

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like QuickNap

 I am an music producer and releasing my content on Distrokid since summer 2022. I started doing relaxation guides and continued with producing lofi music. My newest releases are more energizing in genre Synthwave and Darksynth.

This is my Instagram profile:

Latest single on SPOTIFY below

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Benga Tribe

To Inspire; is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something. Benga Tribe utilizes his artistry to do just that. Raised in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, he demonstrated his creativity through dance, karate, and poetry to break free of the toxic environment of his childhood. Through his love for performing and filming, he found a way of expressing himself.

“I’ve always been an artist in some form: dance, poetry, performing, fashion, etc. I took a step back to take care of my family and once I got them situated one of my homies told me to hop on the mic. He showed me how to record by myself, I ended up making bust it wide open and that’s when I decided I wanted to do this forever”. He released the mixtapes Breaking Thru, Pain Turnt Ambition, Showtime, and other singles at the start of his journey in 2020. His music expresses a multitude of emotions.

From fiery and uptempo songs that make you want to dance and party to sentimental moving messages from his profound perspective of life. “I make something for every emotion you’re going through, some songs make you feel like you’re at a concert and you wanna turn up while others are more deep and emotional”. Benga Tribe shows versatility as well as his maturing genius in cultivating his vision.

Check out his Latest Single on Spotify below

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Chemmie

I am Oluwakemi Gbemisola Fagboro musically known as Chemmie, an afrobeat singer and songwriter based in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Microbiology department. Music started for me in 2019 with a couple of singles and covers which has granted me recognition from top celebrities in the music industry (Guchi, Bizzle Osikoya, Shizzle, Zamorra, and Nomcebo Zikode) both offline and online. I have also been opportuned to perform at several significant shows within and outside Lagos and also on Wakeup Nigeria which is a television show on Tvcconnect. So far, I have six singles on all digital platforms: Bless, Sleepless nights, Time, Real, and Balance it. “Balance It” was dropped on March 12, 2022 and so far it has gathered quite a number of streams on all DSPs, been airplayed in various radio stations across Nigeria, and also been used as an underground song on the popular social media page known for posting hilarious contents, KraksTv. My latest single “BABY” off my debut EP “A Piece of Chemmie” dropped on the 15th of December 2022 and has been blowing speakers since then. Got a shout-out from audiomack Africa on twitter and also had my first stage performance for Baby at the flytime fest featuring Wizkid on the 24th of December 2022. Baby is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Check her Latest EP on SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE below

Stay tuned to her with her portfolio:

Support your locals like Akuro

Creating content has always been one of my biggest inspirations. For over 10 years I have been actively directing conceptual ideas and bringing them to life through music, film and fashion production. Working with independent creatives plus small and big businesses within the industry.
Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN bringing my strong work ethic to Brooklyn. I’m ready to expand outside the music industry and utilize my unique skill set to help  

Latest album below on Spotify & Soundcloud

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Leone

Leone, a talented hip-hop artist from East Africa Tanzania that focuses on creating music to relate with the masses on mental health issues by motivating and inspiring people from his music, this is his life’s purpose. For 5 years now he has achieved massive success on performing at many great events in Dar es Salaam including The Lounge, becoming a brand ambassador for a clothing line called REAL, releasing great content on all platforms consistently, won the ace investment lounge competition with his team in 2021, semi finalist in an African wide competition called Take Back The Mic Africa season 2 and caught the attention of international fans as well. Through rapping, singing and producing, he creates music with meaningful messages by being lyrical and hence makes ‘M U S I C Y O U R E L A T E’.

Latest single on Spotify below

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Tyler Brooker

Tyler Brooker (born March 29, 2000) is a British artist, producer, songwriter, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer and software developer.

He has currently released more than 150 tracks onto his YouTube channel, most of which exist on many streaming platforms, as well as three EPs and one album, Blood, Sweat and Fears, released in September 2021. He has been featured and interviewed frequently as a local artist on the BBC radio programs BBC Introducing in Suffolk and BBC Introducing in Essex.

Tyler primarily produces big room EDM and electro-house, as well as other sub-genres of EDM such as deep house, slap house, melodic house, dubstep, future bass, drum and bass, and bass house. He has also produced hip hop, folk, lo-fi and chiptune. He has worked with several artists and other producers, including Lisa Schettner, Dekcr, Yes JAY, Black Winter, Richard Marc and Koltbach.

In March 2022, Tyler helped to mashup Lisa Schettner’s single “Hands Off Ukraine” with Taras Borovok’s single “Bayraktar” into a remix, which gained widespread attention on YouTube due to it’s patiotic nature.

In 2022, he received success with labels such as Cracking Records with his single “I Wanna Know” featuring Maria Flores, and Starix Production with his single “Rest”. His track ‘Hypocrite’ with theajsound and Manu Francois has also seen success in 2023, described as being ‘destined for nothing other than success’ by EDM Nation.

At present, Tyler continues to produce EDM and electronic music using Mixcraft 9 as his DAW.

Check his latest single on Spotify & Youtube below

Stay tuned to him with his portfolio:

Support your locals like Big Nobeli

Big Nobeli resides out of Kansas City, Missouri’s Midtown area. He was able to sell units from the Northside to the Southside of Kansas City, establishing a loyal fanbase for himself. Big Nobeli performed his first show in 2005 at the age of 14. It was held at KCKCC (Kansas City Kansas Community College). From that point he continued to sell his CD’s with former group members. Big Nobeli sold over 10,000 units independently in the streets without a record deal. Over time he’s performed live at The Open Mic on 31rst and Troost, Balanca’s Nightclub, 1809 Troost, Westport’s Coffee House, Club 3A.M, Executive Lounge, Club Rain, Jamaican G’s, The Power & Light Grill, Albernathey’s, Club Bratz, Madrigal’s, The Roxy Bar & Moda Mansion.

New album coming:

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Support your locals like Ben Kelly

Sad bois of the world, unite! Alternative R&B crooner Ben Kelly burst onto the scene in January 2023 after years of dreaming about pursuing music but never putting pen to paper. Throughout the month, he dropped a flurry of singles – You & Me, With Me, and Change. In February, he added All You Wanted and Clingy to his catalog, followed by Senses and Back to You in March. An east coast boy through and through, he hails from Connecticut but is currently based in Washington, DC. Ben’s music reflects his eclectic tastes, but typically features a unique mix of contemporary alternative R&B and older soul sounds. What will 2023 hold for this new artist? Follow along to find out.

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Support your locals like w-lar

My name is w-lar (pronounced “well-ahh”) and I am a music producer from London.

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Support your locals like Neil Levin

It has been a year of growth and progress for Neil. For starters, he got his Bachelors degree in music from Berklee School of Music, then, on top of that, he held jam band Counterconformity together for another year of rockin’ music and shows, and, on top of that, joined a new band, Violet Iris, all while still making time to work on his upcoming solo album with producer Benjamin Relf and play shows with his band, The Neil Levin Band.

I am very fortunate to have so many musical avenues to express myself in, but my solo music, the stuff I release under my birth name, will always be the most personal, and special to me. I mean, how can it not be?” – Neil

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Support your locals like Alwayne

Alwayne is a Versatile rapper from Ghana.

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Support your locals like Ola Beto

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