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Rainforests are part of nature and due to their humidity, rainforests naturally don’t have fires which is why they have their name. So, unless humanity decides to act upon deforestation which pretty much has happened is the only way to mess with nature. Why would logical human beings do this to the rainforests? I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s for capitalist gain, maybe it’s to mess with the nature of animals and agricultural ways. We will learn eventually. In the meantime, do your part and check out the video below.


Do your part for Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest and other issues that humanity is forcing upon us! Not sure if you guys knew but Siberia also has a rainforest that is suffering meaning animals will suffer, smoke can dangerously travel eventually affecting others, the nature of the forest and many more will be destroyed or heavily affected depending how long humans that have social authority and influence allows these human made inhumanities to happen. Be sure to check out the video below.


A lot of deforestation is going on in humanity. Perhaps, there is a lot we need to learn about these illegal agendas and who is benefiting from these inhumane actions. We have to really involve ourselves as humans especially for generations now and generations in the future. Speaking of now and the future, it all comes from the past and shout-out to the Notre Dame Cathedral which we mostly know because of The Hunchback of Notre Dame a disney film based off the original place that was caught on fire. This situation is not as crazy as the rainforests, but a life is a life and hazards are hazards, so they all matter! So do your best to email, call, text, however you can get people to assist in these issues. Be sure to check out the video below.


It’s crazy what’s going on in the world, and humanity’s involvement with the destruction of nature. I hope we all get the honest answers we deserve eventually about these situations. I also hope everyone shares this blog post if they’re not already or if you don’t know a way you can help out in situations like these.

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